Saturday, March 3, 2012

And so it came to pass... that the Mormons visited the Skeptilair

So, coming up something on the Mormons. I let some little Elders come for a visit and failed to get answers for any of my questions. All I got was: That's a really great/awesome question, and a well timed side step. I really wonder if they were sincere about the great question, we love it that you have so many questions thing. Just answer my questions, I promise I will ask them again if you don't. The skeptigirl is totally dogged.

Here were my main questions I did not get answers for:

1. How central, in fact, is family to one's salvation? From the church's promotional material it seem the central feature, other than Jesus.

2. How do eternal families work logistically as good mormons go through multiple generations?

3. General jumbled question about the nature of Mormon heaven as it turns out I misunderstood a few things.

4. If the Book of Mormon complements the Bible is the book of Mormon truly necesary? Asnwer: It is necesary, it adresses different things than the Bible and clears up confusions. I was not convinced of its necesity as I am able to workthrough the disparities just fine and they did not elaborate on the rest.

5. Why is the Mormon Church necesary if salvation essentially happens between man and God?

They said most of these answers will be revealed as they explain the plan of salvation. I hope they answer them because there is no way I am reading the Book of Mormon because and so it came to pass it is so badly written I am ready to hang myself after reading one chapter. I have tried. So in conclusion, they better answer and not keep side stepping or I may have to get severe. I hate people side stepping my questions.

Over all the boys were very nice and I look foreward to chatting with them next time.


  1. I didn't know you could find Mormon's outside the United States let alone Utah.

    Did you hear about the controversy of Mormons baptizing dead Jew's?

  2. KaiWen, there seem to be some Mormons everywhere. It stands to reason because they are super organized about their missions and have the draft for young men. I did hear about them baptising the Jews and found it very disrespectful and insensitive. I would hate to get baptised after my death into something without my concent.

  3. You also need to know that the Mormon missionaries, a lot of times, don't know much about their own religion.

  4. Taylor, I thought they went to a training school, on the otherhand the boys are drafted pretty indiscriminantly, right? Did you go on a mission yourself? I am assuming you did but should ask anyway.

  5. I think you asked some deeply philosophical questions of
    "the boys" that was beyond their maturity to answer. SO let me:
    1. save yourself! no spitting, swearing or nose pickin' while you are on this earth
    2.most families can't get through this life time never mind eternity... good luck with that
    3. heaven is non demoninational
    4. try cliff notes instead
    5. its not, no church is

    hope I helped you. hugs doreen

  6. "so badly written...". LOL!! So true! It's excruciating.

  7. The Mormon missionaries are young men age 19-26 or young women age 21-26. They all serve voluntarily for 18-24 months and pay their own expenses except for the transportation to and from their assigned mission area. They are not drafted. Each individual decides on their own to go and then completes an application which is evaluated by the church. Ultimately the church decides where they will serve.

    Those going to an area where the language is the same as their native language get three weeks of training. Those going to a foreign speaking mission get eight weeks of training, which includes language training.

  8. They are lovely, suspiciously often quite handsome - some Mormon eugenics programme going on? I try not to upset them or question those, to be honest, really, really silly doctrines. But Mormonism makes for quite interesting science fiction, though I gather that they are quite reluctant to talk about those extraterrestrial aspects of afterlife to outsiders or even to ordinary church members. Far out, I believes is the expression.

    1. Here, here. Moving to Utah as a bachelor was tricky. The rection was about the same as when I moved to Finland: wow, the girls here are super hot. The difference is, I'm married to a Finn, I hadn't a snowball's chance in hell with a Mormon.

    2. Gah... "The reAction was about the same as..."