Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Accessinf IMDb in Finland makes me Angry

I would like to state I really hate imbd here in Finland. In case you dont know it is a really handy website for answering the age old question of "Who is she? She looks so familiar. What else have I seen her in?". The problem with it here in Finland is it translates all the titles of the movies into their Finnish versions but leaves the text intact in English. I hate this because, first of all this is annoying as you can see here:

I was looking up a show, (Undercover Blues) someone mentioned, wanting to know what it was about and if I had by any chance seen it. This makes me gringe but not go all She Hulk, but this does:

I was looking up roles of the handsome Lou Diamond Philips and also his bio to figure out his ethnicity after watching an episode of Numb3rs last week. As you can see in the picture above, below his name it says 'Photos from "Luopiot"' this, unlike the main page does not have the original movie title written below it. Have I seen this movie? I have no idea, don't recognize the title. In order to know this I would like have to do another search to know what movie this picture was from. So pissed off. Going She-Hulk!

Got some acreen shot software, had to use it on a post. Greenshot is its name and not what I was looking for but seems to work pretty well.

In more serious news, something that does not make me go She-Hulk but rather makes me blink back tears, a friend of mine passed away last night. We were not the closest friends but he was a great person and a key person in our community here and I will miss him and already do. I just talked to him Sunday last time. I was working security and opened the door for him, because it was inconvenient for him to do it because he walked with crutches. I chatted about some plans I had and how I was worried I would not be able to find the coffee shop and he offered to have someone else going there for the same event meet me and help me find it. He was a really great person and we will have a giant hole in our little English Service community now.


  1. I complained about this to the IMDb some time last year, I think. It would seem that they've fixed it - i.e. if you configure your browser to use English as the preferred language, then it doesn't do that anymore.
    Of course, if you're multilingual and wish to use different sites in different languages, you may still have problems, but luckily most sites don't act like assholes and use manual selectors.

    1. I have no real problem with anonymous comments but it is always nicer if someone makes up an apropriate name instead of just being nameless. Good comments (I assume that they are all from the same anonymous because they were posted very close together) but in the future make up something unique and I look foreward to reading more if you post more.