Tuesday, March 20, 2012

So, Da Mormons...

...visited again. Nice chat, they brought an older gentlen who we really enjoyed chatting to, he was very good with his answering.

Towards the end of their visit I got a call and went into the kitchen to take it and left them in the living room with my husband and they decided to do the prayer because they had to head to church. They reminded him that the reason they ask him specifically to do the prayer everytime is because he is the head of the household and what happens here spiritually is his decision. Those sneaky little Mormons usurping my spiritual authority behind my back :). No not really we are spiritually egaliterian (and no, he only decides what happens to HIM, not us spiritually). This is what I am talking about. I really want to ask about the role of the family specifically and gender roles on the church. We requested for this purpose a female chaperone for next time (not really a chaperone just some person from the stake that comes with them). This is the first time they have alluded to it. I am seriously wanting to go behind their non-answering backs and go a-chatting on mormon.org. In the US all they want to talk about is family, for some reason.

Well, no real progress on the Mormon front with my reasearch but we told them that the book of Mormon does not speak to us. They said to keep at it and ask God to reveal to us if it is true. BoM Cliff Notes, here I come! I mean I am planning on reading the important bit from straight from the badly written source, the part where Jesus visits.

I still really cannot tell if they are sincereabout liking our questions, they were a little better at answering them this time. I think going as specific as possible is the key.


  1. Hey, what questions do you have? I'll give you the official answers, what Mormons think are the "official" answers, and my answers. Email me or googlechat me if you do googlechat.

    1. I don't google chat but I will e-mail you when I am not super tired. Or maybe I should take a look at that googlechat thing. I think my gmail account has it available I just ignore it.

  2. yeah, I don't have your email, so email me or add me on the gchat.