Wednesday, January 19, 2011

My Other Blog

(Note: Feb. 4 2012 This blog no longer exists. Fitness magazine no longer hosts reader blogs.)

I started a blog on I figured that I would post the first entry here. It is going too be about getting into shape. Sorry, St. Cynic,I do not mean to rip you off by starting to write about health and stuff too. I am sure your posts will be much more informational.

Here it is:

Sneaking Into My blog

I felt pretty lame when I chose “Ninja Fitness” for my blog title. Still I think it works. It is eye catching and describes my love of martial arts and my habitual sneaking around at the gym. I try to slip by unnoticed as I go to work out. I have been working out on my own for years, running under the cover of the night or lifting weights in my living room. Other than mixed martial arts class I have not worked out where other people can see me for years.

I used to be a really shy teenager. I was scared of other kids I felt awkward and fat and stood back listening to other people talk and emerged my self in this fantasy world where I was fit, strong and gorgeous. Not only that, I was powerful and confident. I was a hero. Rescuing babies from burning building and fighting of an entire street gang on my own. You know the usual fantasies of a teen loner. I read about health and fitness I wanted to take martial arts classes and be more like the girl in my head. When I was a senior in high school I got the chance to sign up for Taekwondo at my school. I worked harder at it than anything I had ever done before. I thought I was terrible but it meant so much to me to succeed and I did. My teacher told me I was a great student and at the end of the second trimester commended me for helping and encouraging the new students that had joined us after the first one. All this gave me fantastic self confidence and made me feel a little closer to the girl I wanted to be. After three years I was a brown belt but unfortunately had to stop taking classes because I could no longer afford them. It was sad but fortunately I had discovered along the way that I was athletic and that I liked running and all sorts of different athletic activities.

Now I am a married woman with a kid and I have gotten out of shape in between then and now. I am at my heaviest than I have been since my pregnancy and the year or so after. I am out of shape and feeling further from that woman in my head. I would like to be like her again. I did some mixed martial arts along the way and hope to get back to it sometime but for now all I have in the near future is a gym membership, which is something I am not used to.

I will be working out at the gym wearing all black and sneaking in during the quiet times. No really, coincidentally all my workout gear is black. I will try to motivate myself to post about it occasionally.


Well, I doubt I will post the future entries on this blog here, but if you feel so inclined nothing will stop you from reading Ninja Fitness. Can nnot guarantee that the link will take you there since I do not know if you have to be a registered user to read them or anything.


  1. LazySkeptic,

    Please don't apologise for writing what you're writing. If there were any ownership over subject material, health and fitness would've been sold long before I entered in on the topic.

    You write about what interests you, and don't apologise to anyone about it. In fact, I'll give you a link to another Christian lady who is writing about health and fitness as a new venture, too: Nourishing Rebellion.

    So, go on! Get writing! I'm happy for you to write about health and fitness. Please, make book recommendations, too: I could always use a running bibliography.


  2. Unfortunately all my reading on the front of health and fitness has been done online or watched on pbs or listened on podcasts. As a running podcast I 100% endorse Phedippidations at as a general good source of all tips, health, fitness and sports I recommend

  3. Thanks for the recommendations, Skeptigirl!

    I recommend back to you Mark's Daily Apple for food and nutrition. And I recommend Erwan LeCorre's MovNat for raw, natural fitness.

    Those two things combined are all anyone needs to get into primo shape and health.


  4. I remeber watching FLASHDANCE and it inspired me to new heights of fittness in my day. You do have to committ to spend your energy getting fit. so more power to you. come by here still and write your thoughts now and again when you are tired of pushups.

  5. I don't actually post in this other location anymore. Just to update this incase someone wonders by. That is because fittness blogging was unable to hold my interest and the site has a very low readership for the blogs, and low rate of posting over all.