Monday, August 10, 2015


Flicking the bean, parting the lotus petals, you know, masturbation. I honestly know very few terms for female masturbation. Still I am going to talk about it.

I just saw this video:

It is about male masturbation. I am going to talk about female masturbation. The Bible does not talk about it, so let's by pass the verses, because there are none.

In the video the man says masturbation=lust. I do not know the minds of men, or all women. I do know my own mind. I rarely think about anything but getting off when I rub it. I just want to feel good and no fantasies of men, women or other things are necessary. So lust: not a problem.

He also states it is a selfish act. I do not get that at all. I mean, I have never had sex unselfishly. Maybe that is just a part of being a woman. All I *really* care about is feeling good. I mean it is nice if the guy has a good time too but men always have a good time, they do not need special things like foreplay or romance. Furthermore that is like saying eating alone in selfish because a meal is meant to be shared. A meal is ALWAYS more special with someone special but I am not going forego satisfying my physical needs just because I am not married.

He also mentions that masturbation is not legitimate for relieving stress because you feel guilty after. I have never felt guilt for masturbation. I have always wondered if I should but it has never happened with my solo exploration. I have felt guilty for looking at porn, reading erotic stories and for sexual fantasies, sex with a partner who I was not married to, but never for masturbation.

I forget what other bullshit he spouts but he reminds me of a Muslim man. 90% of Muslim men I have spoken too say it is a sin to masturbate and fornication is more natural and therefore more okay.

Masturbation is a gift from God as I look at it. I have a VERY HIGH sex drive and of I could not masturbate and fulfill my needs that way I would have a lot more premarital sex and feel a lot guiltier. Also, I have prayed while masturbating before. I do not think it is weird, God sees me do it and I feel okay with that so sometimes while building up I have a little conversation with him. Call me weird, but I do not think masturbation is a sin.

You know what is a sin? Spilling your seed on the ground while you are fucking your brother's wife. No coitus interruptus for you adulterers.

Here is more about male vs. female masturbation:

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