Friday, April 30, 2010

Well, I am Around but very Unreliable

I know I told my one reader that I would come on here more and even post a blog, something deep and meaningful was my intention, then I did not. I am not a very good blogger as in I can not come up with stuff on a consistent basis. I am also a mediocre blogger in every other way.

I cannot say I have been exceptionally busy or that I have not been online. I just post and use this account on my own computer and I have been on my husbands computer mostly. I have a very nice little Power Mac with a dual G4 processor and a painfully inferior graphics card. If you know anything about Apples you know that my computer is a very nice one but old getting into the antiquated territory. When it first came out it was a powerhouse of computing but now it is getting a bit geriatric. I can post blogs on it just fine but I just do not get on it that much, maybe every other day or so to check my e-mail and to listen to a few podcasts off my iTunes account. I really would like a new graphics card or Linux on my computer but the first costs money and the second requires a lot of expertise to achieve. I do not promise that if I achieve one or the other I will blog more often but it would get me using my own computer a lot more and up on opening Opera I would see Blogger on my dashboard and would click on it to visit and read blogs and maybe even get inspired to post a whole lot more often.

Now I am going to go through my subscriptions open the most interesting ones and ones by bloggers I care for the most, then I will go for a run and when I come back I will read them. Sounds complicated? it is.

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  1. Hurrah! Welcome back, LS! I look forward to your articles, and your comments.

    Take care,