Sunday, February 28, 2010

Things I Would Like To Do but Know I Never Would

1. Mug a drug dealer. They always have loads of cash on them and what are they going to do call the police? Also I really do not see the moral objection especially if the person is peddling hard addictive drugs.

2. Steal a tank. Enough said.

3. Get in a bar brawl with three to five drunk people that I started. Unfortunately the tenents of wus fu forbid me.

Really, who wouldn't want to do any of these things but most of us have some limits and common sense to stop ourselves and a healthy respect for the law.


  1. 1. Drive a monster truck over the Prime Minister's car (not while he's in it, but certainly when he's not expecting it).

    2. Create a cure for stupidity. I'd never use it, though. I don't want more competition!

    3. Win an Oscar just so I can smash it on the stage floor and lecture Hollywood about their superficiality, and anti-intellectualism.

    4. Spray paint "Kane was here" on the light side of the moon with reflective paint, in 1000' letters.

  2. Megging a drug dealer is very doable. I'll let you know how it goes.

  3. Taylor, mugging a drug dealer is my intellectual property. I expect you to wire me half the spoils and I take no responsibility for anything that goes wrong.