Sunday, December 13, 2009

What is this all about

If you came to this looking for a skeptical female blogger you are in the right place but I mostly deal with matters of faith. If you are looking for scientific skepticism written by women may I recommend Skepchick? If you are just interested in skepticism in general my favourite podcasts are The Skeptics Guide to the Universe and Skeptoid.

I really love questioning things before I accept them but I don't really fit into the skeptic community because not only am I theist but I am a Christian a very devout one but the stuff I beleave is a little off so I really do not fit in with other Christians either. That is because I am an old earth creationist meaning I accept the scientific evidence for how we got here but I beleave there was a benevolent deity behind all that. Also I am not so sure about a lot of the established details of Biblical interpritation. I reject your theology and substitute my own.

I do like to think I am a very tolerant person. I know other people feel just like me about their particular beleif systems. Once you realize that it is a lot easier to understand other people.

I guess my heroic mission here is to use my superpower of being skeptical of my own beliefs to help aleviate some of the self deception many people are under from never stopping to think and never asking who and what they are and who and what they beleave in. Asking these questions does not always yeld the answers you want but it can help you live a more honest life.

This state of self deception traps Cristians in the cave of shadows, as in Platos allegory of the cave. They are too complacent to climb out and look at the world as it truly is. A faith unquestioned is a faith not worth having and a faith so weak examining it would break is worthless and you might as well not have it.

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