Friday, June 15, 2012

My Dream Lastnight

So I saw a dream just before waking.

 I was taking an exam. It was an essay exam. It was about the "Glorious past and the glorious future" in Christianity but for some reason I had started to write about music and had lost the question paper. When lunch time came I went to retrace my steps and Look for it so I could re-read the question. On the way down some stairs I was looking on the steps for the paper. Two kids came and asked me, politely and full of fear, to go because an older gentleman was coming and he was in a bad mood and possibly intoxicated. I was really pissed off at this point and spoke very rudely at the girl and she was visibly shaken. As I started to walk towards the eating area I started feeling tremendous guilt and could not figure out where to put my bike while eating, luckily the bike disappeared from my hands on its own and I saw the kids. I avoided the older gentleman and quickly and sincerely apologized to the girl. 

Then things got a little hazy in the dream for a while but it turned out that the older man was the MAGICIAN I was looking for. I went to him with my SIDEKICK and we spoke to him we ended up having a fight and it turned out he was not the real magician but had taken over all his moth eaten equipment as he passed away. As a result of the fight he was now dying, or maybe it was for unrelated reasons, like I said it was a little hazy. As he was dying he told us that a friend of ours was actually his son, he was an expert on MAGICAL ARTIFACTS. He asked if we could tell our friend of this familial connection and give him an object. As he was handing it to me when we both held it he said some magic words and he yelled maniacally afterwards:
"You fool, now I have released my UNDEAD ARMY!!!!" Then he died. Me and my side kick were like ”Oh crap!" and decided that taking the object to the alleged son was still the best course of action because he was the expert and might be able to figure all this out. We ran to the front door of my childhood home (apparently we had ended up in my dream's place of residence and center of operations). I cautiously opened the door and peered outside. It was a bright sunny summer day and just as I had expected no sign of the undead army because they could not have spread this far in just the few seconds it had taken. We ran to the garage. 

"No," I said to my side kick, "let's not take the convertible. Let's instead take the BATTLE VAN. It has extra weapons and supplies like shotguns and it is armored." I got in on the passenger side, because I cannot drive, and he on the driver's side.
"What if he did not mean ZOMBIES when he said undead but VAMPIRES?" he asked.
"Well then I can just whittle some wooden stakes and put them on the cross bows." I replied.
We rode off and I activated the home security system and called our expert.
"Let’s go down this road, it is like a hundred meters longer way but it may help us avoid the zombies but we still have to drive by the cemetery." I said to my sidekick. As we got to the stretch of road that went by the highway, remember it was still a beautiful sunny day; there were maybe a dozen zombies on the road, only that many had gotten out of the cemetery so far. Then WE JUST RODE RIGHT INTO THEM WITH THE BATTLE VAN, IT WAS SO COOL!

Then I woke up.

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