Tuesday, April 24, 2012


I have not posted for a while but I have a legitimate reason. My parents visited and I was distracted and then I got sick from over training. I had to take a break to recover, I am well now and ready to reassume my blogging and excercising in a more sensible way. You may not see a connection between over training and inablility to blog but apparently there is one.

I did climb 1022 floors of stairs last week, I assure you it was done in the most sensible of ways, to beat the other people I was compeating against, I lost to the guy who did 200 more floors more than me. So, if you are lucky I will post something this week, if you are not then you should talk to your therapist about it. That level of attachement to my blog would be unhealthy.

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  1. The upshot to this story is that you weren't over-blogging. ;)