Sunday, July 10, 2011

I Need Your Opinion

I still have a few posts to go in my series What I don't like about Christianity. I will edit and post another part soon. In the meanwhile I have noticed that my posts on Jehowah's Witnesses have enjoyed some popularity. Should I go to their service and write another entry on the subject? I mean I am planning on going anyway when I get around to it because I love being a spiritual tourist.

It would be the first time I have visited a "non-Christian" church. I have been to Assemblies of God, Southern Babtist, Independent Pentecostal, Independent Babtist, Lutheran, Episcopalian, Catholic so I really think I need to expand my horizons. It is shocking that I have not gone to the services of more religious groups since I enjoy the exploration so much.

So what is your opinion? Do you want to hear more?

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  1. So you like exploring churches of other denominations? Thats very interesting, in fact it sounds like a good idea for its own blog or at least a series. "Spiritual Tourist" that really has a ring to it. Id like to see you investigate the Church of Jesus Christ and the latter day Saints (although I don't know how many Mormon's there are in Finland).