Tuesday, January 5, 2010

What We Do When Bored, When the Oportunity Presents Itself

Warning, this post is silly and possibly offensive and lacking in substance and writing talent.

You know what is fun, other than pledging your undying love to someone trolling your stuff on the internet, messing with wrong number texters. Well, tonight, it was not the funniest ever, but a guy named Gaston wrong number texted me. I asked him if he used antlers in all of his decorating and if every last inch of him was covered in hair. I must tell you, it really brightened up my day especially since he thought it was coming from someone else, that he knew.

Now Marcus is the best wrongnumber-tester-messer-with, I have to find a better name for that. Right after he got his current phone he received a text from some girl and let's just say it ended up with him impersonating the number's previous owner and asking the girl over for a night of carnal fun and it turned out he was talking to the phone ex-owners sister (he did not know it was a sister or even a girl). That was fun. I mean the reaction, not that she came over, no addresses were given or anything, of course.

Then there was the time some guy texted the same chick and after messing with him a while he revealed it was not her and let him guess about his real identity. He confirmed nor denied none of it so since it was a guy he started to assume he was texing to a busty, blond woman. He asked for a pic and Marcus said that he should send one first. It went back and forth for a bit and finally Marcus cave in, we never got another text from him.

Fun times, now to get a call from a telemarketer and sexually harass them on the phone. I have been waiting to do that for years now, they just won't call.

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  1. I messed with someone who got a wrong number text one time! But the joke turned out to be on me, because I thought they had a wrong number, but it was actually my sister's friend texting me to congratulate me on being a new auntie. Her number didn't show up and she said "Congrats Tia!" which is Spanish for auntie but I thought it was just someone who had the wrong number. I ended up telling her a big story about how I'd been throwing up and there was corn all over the bathroom and could she bring over a mop and bucket? Then it turned out she was my sister's friend, not some random stranger and I had to explain. I still don't think she ever got it.